Combining equal parts Regency and shifter romance,

Allen ably integrates elements from each subgenre in this

first volume of her Shapeshifters of the Beau Monde series… 
Regency romance meets shape-shifters, to great effect.

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Alfred, Duke of Lowell... a duke with a difference: he is a verispellis, a Shapeshifter and unless he finds his true mate his entire pack is destined to die out.

Miss Felicity Templeton...


...has only one goal: to remain unwed until her twenty-fifth birthday, upon which she will inherit a veritable fortune for a woman of her stationCertain she will secure her goal, she is counting down the days until she is free —


Until the Duke comes out of nowhere and ruins the plans of a lifetime. Or does he? It soon becomes clear that there is doubt regarding the validity of Felicity’s legacy — can she find refuge in the scandal the Duke has created? The Duke has accomplished the long-held goal of discovering his mate — can he come to grips with a flesh-and-blood woman as opposed to an ideal?

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Volume I in The Shapeshifters of the Beau Monde paranormal Regency Era Historial romance series form Sourcebooks