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A Most Unusual Duke

Volume II: Shapeshifters of the Beau Monde


Arthur, Duke of Osborn is a bear Shapeshifter who vows never to wed. Beatrice, the human widow of a feral Shapeshifter, vows never to wed again. George, the prince regent, has other plans...

...and Arthur and Beatrice are wed and unceremoniously packed off to Arthur’s childhood home, which has fallen into disuse over years of neglect. 


Beatrice demands a white marriage and Arthur agrees. He is remaining loyal to a long-ago vow to eschew a true bonding with a mate. As Beatrice is barren, there is little point in revisiting the indignities visited upon her by her first husband, even as she still yearns for children.


As they work together to restore the house to its former glory, and cope with Arthur’s brother and his family, Arthur thinks to make her dream for progeny come true. Platonically, of course. They'll break their pact in name only. They won't develop finer feelings or lay themselves bare. Or will they?

The second paranormal Regency in Allen’s Shapeshifters of the Beau Monde series (after A Wolf in Duke’s Clothing) is just as filled with heat and humor as the first.

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Alfred, Duke of Lowell...


...is a duke with a difference: he is a verispellis, a Shapeshifter and unless he finds his true mate his entire pack is destined to die out.

Miss Felicity Templeton...


...has only one goal: to remain unwed until her twenty-fifth birthday, upon which she will inherit a veritable fortune for a woman of her stationCertain she will secure her goal, she is counting down the days until she is free —


Until the Duke comes out of nowhere and ruins the plans of a lifetime. Or does he? It soon becomes clear that there is doubt regarding the validity of Felicity’s legacy — can she find refuge in the scandal the Duke has created? The Duke has accomplished the long-held goal of discovering his mate — can he come to grips with a flesh-and-blood woman as opposed to an ideal?

Volume II in The Shapeshifters of the Beau Monde paranormal Regency Era Historial romance series form Sourcebooks