A heartbroken amateur witch is in over her head after casting

a spell that actually works—will the handsome Irish artist she

fancies come to her rescue?

What was the point of being a witch if Annabelle Walsh couldn’t manage a spell to fix her broken heart? As a dedicated dabbler in all things esoteric, she figured she could speed up her healing process when she’s dumped out of the blue by her boyfriend... but nothing's working.


An idle wander into an unfamiliar new age shop adds the bit of magic in her life that she’d been looking for: an interfering, mischievous Pooka called Callie who’s determined to turn Annabelle’s life around— mostly by turning it upside down.


Suddenly, Annabelle's too busy to brood, and her writing career begins to take off; in fact, it’s during a brainstorming session for an off-off-off-off Broadway theatre production that she meets tall, dark, and handsome Jamie Flynn, an Irishman in New York who seems to be keen at first sight, if not in love quite yet. As Annabelle gets her life back on track, she starts to see the difference between a real life, a real career, and a real man… and all it took was a little magic mischief.

Combining equal parts Regency and shifter romance,

Allen ably integrates elements from each subgenre in this

first volume of her Shapeshifters of the Beau Monde series… 
Regency romance meets shape-shifters, to great effect.

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Alfred, Duke of Lowell... a duke with a difference: he is a verispellis, a Shapeshifter and unless he finds his true mate his entire pack is destined to die out.

Miss Felicity Templeton...


...has only one goal: to remain unwed until her twenty-fifth birthday, upon which she will inherit a veritable fortune for a woman of her stationCertain she will secure her goal, she is counting down the days until she is free —


Until the Duke comes out of nowhere and ruins the plans of a lifetime. Or does he? It soon becomes clear that there is doubt regarding the validity of Felicity’s legacy — can she find refuge in the scandal the Duke has created? The Duke has accomplished the long-held goal of discovering his mate — can he come to grips with a flesh-and-blood woman as opposed to an ideal?

Volume I in The Shapeshifters of the Beau Monde paranormal Regency Era Historial romance series form Sourcebooks