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The Shapeshifters of the Beau Monde

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A Duke​ at the Door

Alwyn Ap Lewin, Duke of Llewellyn, swears he’ll never shift into his lion Shape for as long as he lives. He spent decades as a captive in a traveling menagerie, and he won’t risk being caged again. But the longer he denies his other half, the more his health declines, and the farther he hides himself away. The denizens of Lowell Close live in fear and suspicion of the mysterious duke—except for lady apothecary Tabitha Barrington.


After traveling the Continent for years, Tabitha is struggling to settle in Lowell Close and the prince regent’s insistence she care for the sullen duke only adds to the tension. By treating him as she would anyone else—and not as though he needs special attention—Tabitha begins to gain the duke’s very reluctant interest. And the more Alwyn sees both Tabitha’s gifts for helping everyone in the village as well as her kind and courageous heart, the more he realizes that

he has something to live for after all.

A Most Unusual Duke​ 

The prince regent insists his cousin and fellow bear Shifter, Arthur Humphries, the Duke of Osborn, take a mate to ensure the continuation of their species. After all, Arthur is an Alpha, so he must set a good example. The duke, however, would very much prefer to continue his comfortable bachelor lifestyle.


Beatrice, the widowed Marchioness of Castleton, is in possession of a powerful secret. She knows all about Shifters, her horrible late husband being one of them. At any moment, Beatrice could take advantage of her power over the prince and those like him — that is, unless her own life becomes entangled with them once again. 


Perhaps a marriage between the Duke of Osborn and Beatrice would resolve these troublesome issues. Far from ideal, but as long as they set clear boundaries, at least they won’t fall in love… right?

A Wolf in Duke's Clothing
An Amazon Editor's Top Pick for May, 2021

A period drama with a paranormal twist,  A Wolf in Duke's Clothing combines the manners of the Regency Era with the sensuality of the Shapeshifter genre, and the result is a lively, passionate endeavor to balance manners and instinct, head and heart.

Wolf Shapeshifter Alfred, the Duke Of Lowell's fated mate is Society spinster Felicity Templeton. Will Alfred endanger the secrets of his Pack in the name of true love?

Writing as Susan Conley

Drama Queen

When Jane's Boyer's glamorous career comes crashing down, her panicked response is to jump straight on a plane to Dublin and throw herself on her ex-pat pal Miranda's mercy. Life there is definitely not what Jane is used to, and the culture shock goes both ways. When she gets herself mixed up with an independent theatre company, her no-nonsense American approach gets right up the natives' noses — particularly the rather attractive nose of Shay Gallagher, the enthusiastic, if hopelessly disorganized director... 

★★★★ ‘Conley’s debut novel is written with a sharp tongue and a witty sense of humour’ — RTÉ Guide 

The Fidelity Project

Jacinta Quirke and Maxine O'Malley, a.k.a. Jax and Max, have just heard rumors that they are about to lose their jobs at their advertising agency. Could they make it in the world of TV? Their proposal: a documentary on fidelity. Is long-term monogamy a sham as cynical Max believes? Or will Jax, the hopeless romantic, prove her wrong. Putting a variety of couples into the hot seat, they get the cameras rolling. But when they turn on each other's love lives, the trouble really starts...

★★★★ “The Fidelity Project is hilarious! Family-centered! Heart-warming! With enough hot sex to warm up a caravan on a rainy beach, if you can’t afford Lanzarote.” Lucille Redmond for The Herald

Many Brave Fools: A Story of Addiction, Dysfunction, Codependency... and Horses

A frank yet humorous memoir that addresses hot topics including divorce, substance abuse, twelve-step, self-help, and recovery — Many Brave Fools explores how the process of making herself into a rider also helped Susan E Conley become the person she most wanted to be: not the “ex-wife of an addict,” but a responsive, confident, even courageous woman, entering the prime of her life. 

★★★★★ “The author’s razor-sharp observations on the human condition are profound and affecting. Her dextrous prose and self-facing style blend together into a compelling, cohesive narrative. A delight.”  Roisin Dwyer for Hot Press Magazine

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