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Amazing Booksweeps Giveaway!

Winning is as easy as click (or two) — I'd do this in a heartbeat if I wasn't actually in it.

Paranormal & Sci-Fi Romance BookBub Follower Giveaway | March 14 – 23, 2022

If you’re looking for your next favorite paranormal or sci-fi romance, you can enter to win my book, THAT MAGIC MISCHIEF, on BookSweeps today — plus 40 exciting Paranormal & Sci-Fi Romances from a great collection of authors... AND a brand new eReader!

A laugh-out-loud romantic comedy with a magical twist, THAT MAGIC MISCHIEF delivers plenty of quirky, lively characters, and a swoon-worthy romance with a distinctly Irish flair.” —

Brooklyn-based Annabelle Walsh is an over-the-counter witch who dabbles in divination and messes around with manifestation, with a celtic flair thanks to her Irish roots. In effort to heal her newly-broken heart, she manifests a supernatural being called a Pooka into her life. Magic isn't all it's cracked up to be—until it is...

Help me build my Bookbub following and maybe help yourself to this fab prize :)

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