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Happy 1st Birthday, A Wolf in Duke's Clothing

When worlds collide: it's also World Bath Bomb Day. Hang on, it will all make sense. (And it would have made even more sense had I published this on the actual day rather than letting is languish in my drafts...)

In another career, I was a freelance beauty journalist with a national newspaper. I also had a blog, before Insta killed blogging. I keep a toe in because I do still manage to contribute to things here and there, in the hopes that I may land another column somewhere, someday (#InMyDreams).

One of my top fave brands is Lush, primarily as regards their line of bath bombs. So imagine my delight, when I went to their Grafton Street branch to be taken round their re-fit, to find that April 27 is World Bath Bomb Day. It's the first birthday for A Wolf in Duke's Clothing! Almost everything I love, all at once!

The shop is cleaner and leaner, with products simply displayed and prices easily spotted. The middle section retained the floor-to-ceiling black paint, a connection to the original interior design... which I didn't realise was so oppressive until I saw the contrast with the clean white. And let's be real: the bath bomb wall is brilliant: loads of choices easy to browse.

How cool would it be if there was a wolfy bath bomb?!? I couldn't recall one, nor could I imagine what would comprise a lupine ballistic. Carnivores don't really lend them to the herbal themes most of these have. I reached out to Lush's public relations leader and there is indeed an animal-themed bomb.

I present Toby's Magic Cow, a mixture of the signature Lush Milky Bath fragrance, skin-softening coconut powder and popping candy for added excitement. He's vegan!

I've never tried this one, and if only I lived in the UK I could sign up to avail of one of the 100,000 free bath bombs they're giving away to mark the day...


A Wolf in Duke's Clothing and A Most Unusual Duke, the first two instalments in The Shapeshifters of the Beau Monde series are published by Sourcebooks, available now from all good booksellers!

And as this was meant to publish months ago (?!?!) here are links to the now-available A Duke at the Door, from these fine purveyors of reading matter.


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