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In Other Book News

Here's an interview I did for IndieReader about That Magic Mischief!

I love talking about writing; depending on where I am in the process of a new work, I like talking about it more than I like doing it.

Even more than all of the above (or both of the above?) I love when I forget I said something that I still mean and the editor of the site uses it as a really great headline.

Romance gets a lot of grief from the mainstream, often with the intent to shame creators and consumers for making it and liking it, respectively. I could go on for hours about a) the roots of such a commentator's insecurities around so-called quality literature; b) the inherent misogyny in dismissing women's work; c) the projection, OMG the projection!; d) popular culture as a thriving and ever-changing mainstay of human society —

You get the picture. I stand by my statement and can only encourage all of us to pursue the things that provide relief and happiness and pure escapism. Anything that produces endogenous endorphins at this moment in time are a-okay by me.

Here's the full article!


Available now! Please click here to go shopping.

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