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  • Susanna Allen

"I do not faint."

Updated: Feb 3, 2021

So says the Honorable Felicity Templeton...just before she does so.

Not gonna lie: I am not a big fan of Regency Era furniture. It's all very dark with fiddly ornate little bits that don't appeal to my own preferences, but oh! I would chaise the heck out of this lounge.

Sexy and elegant!

Without spoiling, it's safe to say that Felicity, after saying once or twice she does not faint, she does in fact do so — think of it as Chekov's Swoon — into the ready embrace of Alfred, Duke of Lowell. I myself am short one duke in my life, but might be quite happy to have one of the pictured as a stand-in.

“Retaining its original upholstery, cushion and pad, [it has been] re-covered in Lelievre's Lampas Directiore Bleu.”

Delicious details

Via Pinterest, via, this is 'a fine, pare and important English high-style Regency period library couch in rosewood with gilt metal mounts in the manner of George Smith. Decorated all round this exceptional piece is intended to stand in a central position. Retaining its original upholstery, cushion and pad, re-covered in Lelievre's Lampas Directoire Bleu, conforming precisely with that of the period.'

All yours (or mine) for the princely sum of $44893.94!

*** is full of beautiful things.


A Wolf in Duke's Clothing, the first instalment in The Shapeshifters of the Beau Monde series is published by Sourcebooks and available for pre-order now!

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