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One of My Favourite Things...

It's not a brown paper package ties up with string, but even so.

I posted my favourite word count the other day (week? I am in the zone!) (It was 70K, btw) and here is my favourite page count.

This is where it all starts rolling inexorably to the end, where if I wasn’t doing #CampNaNoWriMo I wouldn’t even be checking word count, where you can’t get me out of the doc with a crowbar*. <crow, lol

Where all sorts of little delicious details, knowingly and unknowingly, start springing up like flowers, and it all becomes FUN. Writing is a FUN THING TO DO at this stage! What a relief!

There is cutting in my future for sure, I’m going to be well over the standard word count for the genre, but that’s a problem for Editing Susanna…

*I am also at the point where I pull myself up on phrasing, but we’ll all be glad to know ‘crowbar’ has been in use since 1748 and is so-called because it pried things open in the same way as crows used their beaks. May pop this in as an Easter Egg...


The Shapeshifters of the Beau Monde series is available now from all good booksellers!

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